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We are the result of nature, we are born in nature and we owe our health directly to the bounty that nature provides for us. We and our pets and all living creatures automatically choose the best and most natural way of living. When we introduce unnatural aspects to our diet or our ecology we see a decline of the very thing we hold most dear, our health and that of the animals we love. A sad example of this is the epidemic of obesity that exists today on this continent.

If we feed our children fantasy food, think what we are feeding our pets. Years ago dogs and cats lived out a long and healthy life without the intervention of corporations telling us how to look after them. Visits to the Vet were few indeed and usually when there was some external accident. Now with the introduction of chemicals in food, cancers and many other physical problems are surfacing well before they should. I believe that we need to go back to nature and get as close as we can to the natural way of caring for our pets.

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