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Welcome To Slow Vet Medicine

The primary purpose of this website is to inform the reader as accurately as we can, what this practice offers.

It is a different veterinary practice...

Largely consultive, partly based on the principles of evidence based medicine and partly on holistic principles. Science has brought us a level of definition and understanding of disease states, but does not contribute to our understanding of health.

My reward as a practitioner is seeing exuberantly healthy patients...

but, sometimes we have to sort through various physical and emotional imbalances before your animal's path to well-being becomes clear. 

Throughout my journey as a veterinary practitioner I have been discovering more and more deeply that...

                     Health is normal, disease is not.

When I began veterinary practice in 1974 I was a dedicated conventional practitioner, and still am, however I readily admit to being drawn into an ever expanding viewpoint that life is an entwined, inseparable relationship between physical and non-physical components. 

Every encounter with clients and patients has brought to me new levels of appreciation for the unfathomable complexity of living things such that my bond with nature and natural processes dominates my perceptions and thus completely influences the way I think about health and disease

This is the holistic approach to obtaining and maintaining health.

A definition of health that rings true for me is...

                                         Health is perfectly natural functioning, normal living. 

So if you are interested in having me assist you with enhancing the health of, or help with returning your pet to a state of well-being, I take a pretty broad view of your animal's medical history and explore those physical and invisible components that may be impacting your animal's well-being.

Slow Vet Medicine offers the VIN Client Information Library

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